We have met a lot of elder makers in our workshops, with great excitement they were transported back in time, and inspired to ignite their inner artisan. 

At Artisan Estate, participants don’t just watch – they actively engage in the process, learning from an experienced blacksmith, and create something truly special to take home. 

We find that our elder makers often have interesting stories about their fathers & grandfathers that were in the blacksmithing trade. It’s great to see that spark when they get a chance to re-invigorate the craft for themselves.

In our workshops, we all forge our own creations from scratch, using age-old techniques.

Perks of Blacksmithing

Combine physical & mental activity: Wielding a hammer and shaping metal keeps your body moving while engaging your mind with problem-solving techniques.

Meet other makers: Workshops provide a welcoming environment to connect with others and share the joy of creation.

Accomplish something unique: We see the joy and satisfaction our makers get; from learning something new, achieving a creative goal, or just crossing something of the ol’ bucket list.

Our workshops cater to beginners, so you can jump right in and learn at your own pace.

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