Artisan Estate manages all events that take place on the Pecan Lady Orchard in Somersby, and is run by husband and wife team Chris & Madeline.


In its early years, the Pecan Lady property was primarily an Orange Orchard. When the market collapsed the orange trees were pulled out and the Pecan Lady trees that stand today were planted. The orchard was planted by Harold and Myra Hunt in the mid 1980’s. Unfortunately Harold passed away just when the trees were starting to bear.


Myra lived to be 100 and passed away in December 2019. Their son Bob and his wife Wilhelmina took over the orchard and founded the Pecan Lady. The trees are mature and pecan trees can grow and produce for hundreds of years.


Wilhelmina’s niece Madeline moved to the farm 6 years ago with her husband Chris to caretake the orchard and help harvest, as Willie & Bob retired. Madeline & Chris took over management of the Pecan Lady Orchard in 2020, and are excited to announce the start of Artisan Estate, to further include the community in the farm