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Pecan lady orchard in spring central coast nsw

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Getting Here

Enter the main gate, and drive slowly up the dirt driveway (don’t drive through the orchard).
The dogs will bark at the car and run over, just drive slowly and they will move – don’t stop your car or they will sit in front of it!
Parking is past the main brick house, near the garage and a gum tree. (Look for the AirBnb sign) Click the picture below to open full size.

About the Room

Welcome to ‘Myra’s Retreat’ named after Great-Aunt Myra, who planted all these Pecan Trees in the 1970s with her husband Hal.

WIFI: Connect to the AirBnb network. The Wi-fi password is pecanfarm
BBQ: The BBQ on the patio is for you to use, there are utensils in the kitchenette. Please turn the gas off after use, and don’t close the lid whilst cooking.
LIGHTS: Outside light switches are inside, near the bathroom door.
DOGS: Please don’t let the dogs inside the room at any time, or feed them.

About the Farm

ORCHARD: The Pecan Orchard is 22 acres, with 400 trees. Feel free to go for a walk, or have a picnic on the grounds. The dogs will love going for walks with you, and playing fetch.

FIREPIT: The Firepit is for you to use, you can collect sticks for kindling off the grounds. We’d suggest getting a bag of larger fire logs, from the local Coles Service Station (5min drive)

DAM: There are koi and bass in the dam, that you can feed bread/scraps to (nothing oily). Please don’t swim in the dam. There are fountains in the dam that will turn on and off during the day.

Local Supplies

Groceries: West Gosford Coles is a 10min drive away, and has a selection of restaurants and cafes in the centre for lunch or dinner.

Petrol: There is a Coles Service Station at Kariong, a 5min drive away. They also sell firewood bags.

Emergency: Gosford Hospital is a 16min drive away. If an emergency occurs, please call 000 or contact us directly on 0408 548 117.

Animals on Artisan Estate

Dogs: There are 4 dogs who live on the farm. They will bark at cars arriving, but are friendly to people. They will love to walk and play with you. Kai (the cattle dog) will likely guard your room outside during the evening. If the dogs are scaring you, or are a bother, please let us know asap. Please don’t let them in the room, even if there is a storm outside. Also please don’t feed them, as they all have different diets.

There is a large family of deer that roam the forests nearby, they sometimes travel through our orchard very early in the morning. Occasionally you can hear a deer mating call at night if they pass through. It sounds like a rough barking sound.

Rabbits: There are lots of rabbits and baby bunnies hopping around the perimeter of the farm. The dogs like to chase them.

Fish: We have a variety of fish in our backyard dam, that you can feed. Look for the bright orange and red koi.

Birds: Kookaburras frequent the Orchard, and gum trees. There are lots of big & bright parrots in the Pecan trees too. We chase the white cockatoos away with our mini drone, because they destroy the Pecans and the treetops.

Artisan Estate Location

We’re only a 3 min drive from the Gosford exit on the freeway. The attractions of the Central Coast are easily accessible to you, during your stay.