Blacksmithing a ‘big hit’ on the Central Coast

central coast new activity
Chris Stratford of Artisan Estate, with his students in a Blacksmithing Class.

The Central Coast is now home to Artisan Estate in Somersby, where local husband and wife team Madeline & Chris, have created a Maker Shed, for locals and travellers alike to try the ancient craft of Blacksmithing.

The Maker Shed hosts Blacksmithing Classes for beginners, to experience the old world techniques, and forge with fire. Students come away with their own hand made souvenirs, and some life skills! 

Day classes run on the weekend, and include lunch; where the serenity of the historic 22 acre Pecan Orchard can be enjoyed under the canopy of 400 trees.

Explore the magic of the old worlds, with the natural allure of the flame at your hands.
Use it to create something special.